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Trump Drawings Twitter Account

The 1 Twitter Account You NEED to Follow For Hilarious Photoshopped GIFs of Donald Trump

Donald Trump's first few weeks in office are mostly a flurry of signatures enacting multiple executive orders. Though many have reacted by joining in on protests, some internet geniuses are choosing to cope with these polarizing rulings with a sense of humor. Right on the heels of the hilarious memes that surfaced after the POTUS' first order of business, we've just been presented with an even funnier parody of his actions.

The Twitter account TrumpDraws has only been active since Jan. 30, and it's already garnered more than 50,000 followers. The chuckle-worthy account tweets the same clip of the president showing his signed executive order binder to the cameras, except the GIFs are edited to include different poorly drawn photos on the paper. Feel like you've seen this meme before? Interestingly, this meme comes from a different executive order Trump has signed — not the first one.

You'd think by now he'd know the most valuable lesson among political leaders: Never turn a piece of paper toward a camera. But, Trump remains seemingly oblivious to the all-encompassing powers of Photoshop. Read on for some of the funniest Trump drawings that have been created so far.

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