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VIDEO: MIT DuoSkin Temporary Tattoos That Control Devices

You Won't Believe How People Are Using These Tribal Tattoos to Control Their Phone

MIT's DuoSkin smart tattoos

MIT has developed temporary tattoos that can control your devices.

Posted by The Verge on Friday, August 12, 2016

You've probably worn metallic tattoos to add a little fun to your look at music festivals but these gold and silver temporary stick-ons might actually serve a pretty good purpose.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a way to control your devices simply by touching the shiny layers on your skin. Dubbed "DuoSkin", it uses gold leaf over tattoo paper that contains a circuit and either an NFC chip or thermochromic layer.

It can function in three different designs; an "in put class that turns your skin into a trackpad", an output class that turns the tattoo a different color, depending on the temperature, and a communication that lets you put data from the tattoo. In the video clip it shows one girl pulling up her movie ticket information just by scanning the design.

You'll never look at the gold leaf in your dessert the same way again!

Image Source: Facebook user verge
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