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Viral Reddit Picture of Blurry Sliced Ham

Warning: This Simple Picture of Sliced Meat Will Make You Dizzy

One Reddit user opened a package of sliced ham that looked a little strange . . . and no, the ham wasn't just bad. Instead, the ham appeared blurry and out of focus. After sharing it on Reddit, he came to realize that the internet strongly agreed.

The user shared a picture of the eyesight-deceiving ham in a post on Jan. 5, shown below, with a caption that read, "This sliced ham looks like it's out of focus." Other users quickly answered confused by the very same package. One person commented, "It's hurting my eyes."

This sliced ham looks like it's out of focus.
by u/MelvinDickpictweet in mildlyinteresting

It's clear that the ham just looks blurry because there are multiple slices of ham stacked on each other in a slightly staggered manner, however, looking at it is enough to make us squint our eyes in an attempt to bring it into focus.

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