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Virtual Reality Girlfriend Parody Video

This Girlfriend Perfectly Captured What It's Like to Date a Video Game Obsessed Guy

Relationships come with plenty of obstacles no one warns you about — like finding other things to do if your significant other is obsessed with playing video games. Add virtual reality games to the mix and becomes a whole other struggle since you can't even distract them anymore! Natalie Tran, a YouTube creator, understands the struggle — and hilariously made a video of what it's like to date someone who loves virtual reality too much.

In the video above, Tran plays songs like "Someone Like You," by Adele to "S Club Party" by S Club 7 and performs them to her partner. The guy can't see what's happening since he's playing a virtual reality game and totally misses Tran's epic dance moves. We've all been there and the video appears to hit home for a lot of people, as its going viral on Reddit. Watch the video and try this the next time your significant other is totally ignoring you to play some games.

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