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What's the Best Website I've Never Heard Of?

13 Websites That Are Both Productive and Fun to Play With

The internet is full of corners that can entertain you when you're bored at work or become useful tools for your job. That's why we've rounded up a mixture of sites that you probably never heard of — but are either useful or fun to play around with. These sites were suggested in a Reddit thread called "What are some awesome websites that not enough people know about?" Keep reading, try some of these out, and bookmark the ones you love!

  1. Create GIFs anytime: Looking for a perfect GIF that doesn't exist yet? Use gifgif to create one quickly without any watermark.
  2. Clean up your writing: With Hemingway App, the website will grade any sentence or essay on readability. It'll also let you know if a sentence is too hard to read or suggest removing unnecessary words.
  3. Take a mental break with some pets: Watch real puppies and cats on your screen with iPet Companion. The website live-streams cats and puppies living in shelters, with the ability to move the animals toys.
  4. Improve your math skills: With Better Explained, you'll learn how and why math works the way it does, rather than memorizing theories or equations.
  5. Learn what you're actually signing up for: When you sign up for YouTube or GitHub, you probably didn't read the company's terms of service. Find out what is in it, especially concerning your privacy with TS;DR.
  6. Take a class and learn a new skill: Similar to other websites, edX includes a catalog of courses you can take to learn and further a skill.
  7. Sharpen what you're learning: With Khan Academy, you can explore different subjects like computer programming or art history and learn a subject more thoroughly.
  8. Figure out how to play the guitar: It's a skill plenty of people wish they had and now you can. The site, Justin Guitar, offers plenty of courses and songs to learn that'll have you riffing in no time.
  9. Play a silly game to relax: Plug in your headphones and try to find the Invisible Cow. It's a fun and easy game to play.
  10. Draw for fun: On Weave Silk, you can draw beautiful creations in different colors. It's soothing and might amp up your drawing skills.
  11. Improve your typing pace: Compete against other people on the internet with Type Racer. Race against the clock and others to type a sentence while improving your words per minute.
  12. Be the snarkiest person ever: If someone asks you a question that they can totally google, use Let Me Google That For You. It'll answer their question but by showing them how to google it.
  13. Find out if you need to change your password: With Have I Been Pwned, you can enter your username or email address to find out if your data might've been included in a breach. If it shows up, you'll see what sites to change your username on.
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