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What Color Are These Flip-flops

Prepare to Argue For Days Deciding What Color These Flip-Flops Are

Remember how #TheDress debate made you feel like you were losing your mind? Some people saw white and gold, others saw blue and black, and some switched their minds every other hour. Well, prepare your mind for that madness again, except this time it's with a pair of flip-flops.

Twitter user positivedemi, posted a photo a pair of flip-flops on Nov. 17. At first, it looks like it's black and blue, but maybe it's brown and black? White and gold? Decide for yourself!

So far, people are arguing about the color, but no one has taken too firm a stance. The tweet only has 42 retweets and 46 favorites, but expect that number to climb. Come up with an answer and stick to it — you might end up talking about it during Thanksgiving dinner.

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