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What Is the Expanding Brain Meme?

The Internet Is Obsessed With This New Meme About How Smart People Are

If you've been looking for a sign of your own intellectual superiority, a new meme just arrived for you. The "expanding brain" meme is a series of images showing differently stimulated brainwaves relative to specific beliefs or habits. It's also exactly what the internet needed to stroke its own collective ego. Quickly rising in popularity on Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit, the expanding brain images are a mix of facetiousness and absurdity.

Some of the memes involve implying that people who use variations of "whom" are more enlightened than those who use "who," or that people who call their garages "car holes" are much smarter. We've rounded up some of the best memes (for educational purposes, of course), so take a minute to become enlightened by looking them over. Soon enough, your brain will be glowing and you'll be in stitches from the pure silliness.

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