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What Is the HowBow Dah Challenge?

The Internet Turned the Howbow Dah Meme Into a Challenge and It's Absolutely Amazing

It only took a few days for the "How Bow Dah" meme to fully take over the internet. You can't escape Danielle, her face, and saying "cash me outside, howbow dah" to any question. Well thankfully, the internet feels similar and has made an entire challenge out of the meme called the HowBowDah Challenge.

The challenge involves dancing to DJ Suede the Remix God's "Cash Me Outside" song. It's not just any kind of dancing; it's doing a riff of the reverse challenge, which took off last year. The results are videos of teens trying their best and absolutely nailing it.

Watch some of the best challenge videos ahead. It might be just enough for the return of Danielle on Dr. Phil next week.

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