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What Is the I Don't Care That You Broke Your Elbow Meme?

The Internet Loved This Kid's Sass So Much, It Turned Him Into a Meme

The Vine app may have disappeared earlier this year, but those entertaining six-second videos of viral gold are still floating around on the internet, making people LOL to this day. And now, one Vine star in particular is getting another chance at fame, thanks to a good old-fashioned meme makeover.

If you're a former Vine regular, chances are you once stumbled upon a video of the infamous "I don't care that you broke your elbow" kid. To refresh your memory, here's the sassy student in all his glory, apparently telling one of his classmates, "You know what? I'm about to say it. I don't care that you broke your elbow." Just look at that epic finger pointing!

The internet star, who appears to be named Mason, even has his own page on Meme Generator from back in 2015, but for some unknown reason, people have started taking a newfound interest in him. The yellow-shirt-wearing sass king has been resurrected by Twitter users who are once again using his famous quote as a platform for a hilarious array of memes.

Some people brought up rather divided pop culture debates.

One person made a throwback reference that we were all secretly thinking.

A few Twitter users threw some food-related mentions into the mix (the last of which is highly controversial).

And of course one person just had to make a One Direction reference. But hey, we kinda agree with this one.

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