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The World's First Automated Selfie Stick is the Best Ever

Someone Just Invented the Selfie Stick of Your Dreams

When selfie sticks became an acceptable "thing" to tote in our handbags, we rejoiced at the prospect of being able to take our best pictures without the help of an unsuspecting passer-by.

But a new device totally changes the selfie stick game. Some geniuses created one that not only extends to your desired length at the push of a button, but it also has a beauty light and wind machine.

It's obviously heavier than regular versions but by the looks of this video, it's totally worth it for Instagram obsessives.

The invention is said to be the world's first automated selfie stick and was created to promote a TV show named Unreal on the Lifetime Network. It means there are only two on earth (one for backup) but apparently if there's enough demand for it, they'll release it to the public.

There's no word on how much something like this would cost but we bet some people would sell their right arm to get a hold of something even Kim Kardashian doesn't have access to.

Watch the clip and get ready to fan out.

Image Source: YouTube user selfiestickunreal
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