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World's First Floating Seahorse Boat Home Pictured in Dubai

The World's First Floating Seahorse Home is in Dubai and it's Beyond Luxurious

This isn't your average vacation home. After it's launch at the International Boat Show in March, the first Floating Seahorse in the world has been placed 40km off the coast of Dubai.

The incredible three-level structure features a glass bottom jacuzzi and an underwater level where you can sleep among the artificial coral reef.

Forty two of these properties will be based in the St Petersburg area, which is part of the Heart of Europe Resort, and it's expected that more UAE investors plus those in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other countries are to snap up the opportunity.

Unlike a regular boat, once in place, these stay put. Services are supplied by the neighboring Tzar Hotel via jetties.

Interested in owning one of these home? It will set you around $1.8million (AED6.6million).

. Seahorse, the floating villa in Dubai. I mean I won't believe that until I saw it in real yesterday. It's really amazing.

A photo posted by Social Media Is A Bitch✖️ (@sichan0831) on

. The underneath bedroom of the floating villa. You can literally sleep and take a bath with the fishes. Just omg and omfg. #iphone6

A photo posted by Social Media Is A Bitch✖️ (@sichan0831) on

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