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YouTube Videos on WhatsApp

Thanks to a New Update, You Can Now Watch YouTube Videos Right on This App

WhatsApp users are in luck-- especially if they're using the app on iOS platforms.

Now, thanks to a new update, you can watch YouTube vidoes directly on WhatsApp without having to close out of the app. Further, you will also be able to jump to another chat without turning the video off.

"When you receive a link to a YouTube video, you can now play it right within WhatsApp. With picture-in-picture, you can also keep watching the video while you navigate to another chat," the new update read on AppStore.

Prior to the update, when you clicked a YouTube link in a chat the video opened in the YouTube app as opposed to directly in the chat.

It's not just YouTube-watching that will be easier: the update is good news for people who frequently use voice notes, too.

There's nothing more annoying than recording a long voice note and then your finger slips and you lose the whole thing. Now, once you update the app, you have an option to lock voice notes so you can record longer messages.

"Want to easily record long Voice Messages? When recording a Voice Message, just swipe up to lock recording so you can continue to record without keeping your finger down," read the description.

Time to update your app if you haven't already!

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